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a2 any one of a group or kind. [1/3 definitions]
abbé a title of respect for any clergyman, esp. in France.
ABC's the fundamental principles of any branch of knowledge; basics. [1/2 definitions]
Aberdeen Angus any of various hornless beef cattle originating in Scotland and having a smooth black coat.
ablation surgical removal of any part of the body. [1/2 definitions]
abracadabra any nonsense words; gibberish. [1/2 definitions]
absolute free of any external standard; not relative. [2/7 definitions]
absolute pitch the ability to sing or recognize the pitch of any tone heard; perfect pitch. [1/2 definitions]
absolute zero the lowest possible temperature for any known substance, equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.
absolutist characterized by ideas, or a belief in ideas, whose truth is unconditional and not subject to any external standard. [1/3 definitions]
acacia any of several tropical trees of the mimosa family, some of which produce the commercially useful gum arabic. [2 definitions]
acanthus any of various Mediterranean plants with large, spiny leaves. [1/2 definitions]
account an arrangement wherein a bank or other financial institution holds a customer's deposited funds so that the funds are safe but can be accessed at any time by the customer, or the conception of this arrangement as a container for the funds that are kept. [1/15 definitions]
acetabulum any of the suction cups on the arms of an octopus, or similar appendages, as on leeches or certain fish. [1/2 definitions]
acetal any of a class of chemicals in which aldehydes are compounded with alcohol. [1/2 definitions]
Achilles heel any vulnerable or weak spot, part, or trait.
acid in chemistry, any of a group of substances that usu. dissolve in water, have a sour taste, and form salts in reaction with bases. (Cf. base.) [1/7 definitions]
acrobatics (used with a sing. verb) any display of unusual dexterity or precision. [1/3 definitions]
acrylic fiber any of a group of synthetic fibers that are made chiefly of acrylonitrile that has been formed into polymers.
acrylic resin any of a group of transparent synthetic resins that become pliable or set when heated and are used in acrylic fibers, plastics, and synthetic rubbers.
actin any of a group of contractile proteins, including proteins involved in muscle contraction, cell motility, and maintenance of cellular shape.