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diorama a translucent picture viewed through a small aperture. [1/2 definitions]
f-number the relative aperture of a camera lens, representing the light it will transmit, which is obtained by dividing the focal length of the lens by the diameter of the aperture.
f-stop for a camera lens, an aperture setting corresponding to an f-number. [1/2 definitions]
os2 a mouth; opening; aperture.
spiracle in zoology, an aperture for breathing, such as a whale's blowhole, the opening behind the eye of sharks, rays, and skates, or the tracheal openings on the sides of the bodies of certain insects and spiders. [1/3 definitions]
syringe a small tube, usu. fitted with a piston or bulb, for drawing in a quantity of fluid and pumping it through a small aperture or ejecting it in a stream. [1/3 definitions]
yawn a broad opening or aperture; chasm. [1/4 definitions]