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approx. abbreviation of "approximate" or "approximately."
carbon-date to determine the approximate age of (materials containing carbon, such as fossils) according to the residue of carbon 14 that is present.
est.2 abbreviation of "estimated," calculated approximate amount, size, or value of.
estimate to calculate the approximate amount, size, or value of. [1/6 definitions]
kind2 an approximate example of something; sort. [1/4 definitions]
legal-size designating paper having an approximate size of eight and one-half by fourteen inches. [1/2 definitions]
neighborhood (informal) approximate range. [1/3 definitions]
pedometer an instrument that records the approximate distance a person walks by registering the number of steps taken.
proximate nearly exact; approximate. [1/3 definitions]
rough approximate. [1/14 definitions]
rude imprecise; approximate. [1/5 definitions]
square having form or dimensions that approximate those of a square. [1/24 definitions]
sundial an apparatus with a projecting shaft or style that projects a shadow onto a flat circular disk and thus shows the approximate time of day.
sunup the approximate time of sunrise.
whereabouts (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the place or approximate location where a person or thing is. [1/2 definitions]