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Arabian Desert a very arid region occupying a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula and stretching into Jordan and Iraq.
Atacama Desert an extremely arid region of northern Chile that lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains.
caliche a deposit of sand or clay in arid regions that is cemented by calcium carbonate and other soluble minerals.
dry farming a kind of farming practiced in arid regions without irrigation by growing drought-resistant crops or covering them with mulch or other substances to prevent the soil's moisture from evaporating.
Gobi Desert a large arid region in northern China and southwestern Mongolia.
hyperarid combined form of arid.
Kalahari Desert an arid and sandy region of southern Africa occupying a large area of Botswana as well as parts of Namibia and South Africa.
Sahara Desert a vast arid region of North Africa extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Nile.
sand grouse any of various birds related to pigeons that are found in arid and semi-arid regions of Asia, Africa, and southern Europe.
Sonoran Desert an arid region of the American southwest and northwestern Mexico.
steppe a broad, somewhat arid grass plain, esp. the great plains in southeast Russia and southwest Asia.
thirsty needing water or moisture; dry; arid. [1/4 definitions]
xerophilous capable of surviving or flourishing in esp. hot arid regions.