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angelica any of several types of related plants having clusters of small flowers and a distinctive aroma, often used in cookery and medicine.
aromatic of or having an aroma, esp. a fragrant or sweet one. [1/3 definitions]
ethyl acetate a colorless flammable volatile liquid made from ethyl alcohol and acetic acid that has a fruity aroma and is used in the making of perfumes and other products and as a solvent.
rosinweed any of several related, composite, North American plants that have a resinous sap, sticky exterior, and strong aroma, such as the compass plant or the gum plant.
sniff a faint odor, aroma, or trace. [1/7 definitions]
spice any of various edible plant substances with a distinctive aroma or taste, such as pepper or ginger, that are used to flavor or preserve food and drink. [1/5 definitions]
sulfurous acid an acid with a suffocating aroma of sulfur, occurring in solution with water or in salt form and used as a bleach, disinfectant, and reagent.
tacamahac any of various strong-smelling, resinlike substances used to add aroma to ointments and incenses. [1/2 definitions]