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Afghanistan an Asian country bordered by Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.
Altai Mountains a central Asian mountain range that extends from western Mongolia into Russia and China.
ammoniac a sharp-smelling gum resin from the stem of an Asian plant, used in perfumes and porcelain cements; gum ammoniac. [1/2 definitions]
Arabia a Southwest Asian peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Asia Minor a large West Asian peninsula between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, on which most of Turkey is located.
Asian American an American of Asian descent.
Asian-American of or pertaining to Americans of Asian descent or to their history or culture.
Asian flu a virulent strain of the influenza virus that probably spread from Asia; Asian influenza.
Asiatic of or pertaining to Asia or its peoples; Asian.
aucuba an Asian evergreen shrub of the dogwood family that has variegated leaves and bears red berries.
battledore an Asian predecessor of badminton, played with a wooden paddle and a shuttlecock. [1/2 definitions]
betel palm a tall palm tree of the Asian tropics that has feathery leaves and produces orange or red fruit and the betel nut.
Bhutan an Asian country in the Himalayas, between India and China.
bok choy a cabbagelike Asian plant, related to mustard, with crisp green leaves on white stalks. [1/2 definitions]
Boston ivy a woody climbing vine of Asian origin, commonly grown in the United States as an exterior wall cover, that has three-lobed leaves and bears purple berries.
Brunei an independent Asian country under British protection, on the north coast of Borneo.
Cambodia a Southeast Asian country between Vietnam and Thailand; Kampuchea.
cassia a tropical Asian tree or its bark which yields a variety of cinnamon. [1/2 definitions]
China a large, populous East Asian country on the Pacific coast; People's Republic of China. [1/2 definitions]
chopstick one of a pair of thin wooden, ivory, or plastic sticks used as eating utensils, esp. in East Asian countries.
cinnamon a spice made from the inner bark of any of several tropical Asian trees. [1/2 definitions]