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bundle an assemblage of things that have been tied, bound, or packaged together. [1/6 definitions]
clinic an assemblage of medical students for demonstration and instruction, often involving hospital patients. [1/4 definitions]
contingent a representative group, sometimes of soldiers or the like, making up part of a larger assemblage. [1/4 definitions]
gearing a system or assemblage of gears for transmitting motion. [1/2 definitions]
harness something that resembles such an assemblage of straps. [1/5 definitions]
jetty1 an assemblage of rocks, timbers, or the like that extends into a body of water to protect the shore or a harbor from strong waves or currents. [1/2 definitions]
mechanism the structure, parts, or whole assemblage of a machine or mechanical system or device. [1/4 definitions]
mosaic any assemblage of many independent pieces that make a whole. [1/6 definitions]
reassemblage combined form of assemblage.
transmission a system or assemblage of gears by which power is transmitted from one mechanism to another, as from the engine to the drive shaft of an automobile. [1/4 definitions]