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aggressive extremely forceful or assertive. [1/2 definitions]
assertion the act of making assertive statements. [1/2 definitions]
autocrat any over-assertive domineering person. [1/3 definitions]
brash rudely self-assertive; bold; impudent. [1/2 definitions]
bumptious obnoxiously assertive; pushy.
immodest overly proud or assertive; arrogant or impudent; conceited. [1/2 definitions]
nonassertive combined form of assertive.
obtrusive aggressive and self-assertive, or inclined to be so. [1/3 definitions]
overassertive combined form of assertive.
pipe up to begin to speak or play music, esp. in a loud, assertive way.
unassertive combined form of assertive.
would used to make a statement of one's opinion or desire sound more tentative and therefore less assertive and potentially more acceptable to others. [1/5 definitions]