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assignation the act or subject of assigning; assignment. [1/2 definitions]
billet1 a military order making such an assignment. [1/6 definitions]
cantonment the temporary assignment of troops to military quarters. [1/2 definitions]
composition a short piece written as a school assignment. [1/7 definitions]
detail an assignment to a certain task. [1/8 definitions]
floater one whose work assignment can be changed as needed so as to replace or supplement other employees. [1/4 definitions]
hand in to submit, usually by hand (something that is due, such as an assignment, test paper, or report). [1/2 definitions]
lesson a specific assignment to a student. [1/7 definitions]
mark1 a grade in an academic course or on an assignment or test. [1/16 definitions]
passing indicating that one has passed a test, assignment, or course. [1/6 definitions]
rating1 an assignment of status according to a system of classification, esp. a scale; standing; rank.
reassignment combined form of assignment.
run an errand to do what is necessary to complete a small chore or assignment, esp. outside of the home.
self-assignment combined form of assignment.