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air sac an air-filled space or cavity in a living organism, esp. any of the ends of certain bronchial tubes in a bird's body that connect with the larger body cavity and assist in breathing.
attend to go along with; accompany or assist. [1/8 definitions]
auxiliary serving to help, assist, or support. [1/7 definitions]
bellman one employed to assist with carrying luggage; bellhop. [1/2 definitions]
companion one employed to assist and often to live with another. [1/3 definitions]
deaconess in certain Protestant churches, a woman selected to assist the ministry, esp. in social services.
defray to pay or assist in the payment of (costs or the like).
doorman one whose job is to tend the entrance of an apartment house, hotel, or other building, and to assist residents or guests.
general staff a group of officers who assist a high commander in planning and supervising military operations.
help aid or assist in moving in a certain direction. [1/13 definitions]
hunter a dog or horse specially trained or bred to assist in hunting wild animals. [1/2 definitions]
intromit to allow, cause, or assist to enter; introduce; admit.
midwife a person who is trained to assist women during childbirth.
minister a person authorized to perform or assist with religious ceremony and worship; pastor. [1/4 definitions]
monitor a student appointed to assist in keeping order within a school. [1/11 definitions]
paraprofessional a worker trained to assist a professional person in a semiprofessional capacity.
pawl a pivoting lever or tongue, or a sliding bolt, that is made to catch in the notches of a ratchet wheel to prevent backward motion or assist forward motion.
Peace Corps a U.S. agency that sends volunteers into developing countries to assist in education, health, agriculture, and the like.
posse a group of citizens summoned by a county law enforcement official and given temporary legal authority to assist in law enforcement, as for pursuit of a criminal. [1/2 definitions]
prompt in theater, television, and the like, to assist (an actor or reciter) by providing forgotten words. [1/7 definitions]
render to give or offer, especially in order to help or assist. [1/7 definitions]