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anthropocentric assuming man to be the most important purpose or being of the universe. [1/2 definitions]
erectile capable of assuming an upright position. [1/2 definitions]
globefish any of various fishes that have or are capable of assuming a spherical, globular shape, such as the ocean sunfish and the puffer.
overblown1 assuming exaggerated or excessive importance; overinflated; pretentious. [1/4 definitions]
pretentious assuming or marked by an air of importance or superiority that is unwarranted. [1/2 definitions]
sanctimonious pretending to be pious or righteous; assuming an air of holiness or moral superiority.
transvestite a person who derives pleasure, esp. sexual pleasure, from dressing in clothing and assuming behavior specifically associated with the opposite sex.
vice president an officer ranking directly below a president and assuming duties and authority in the president's absence or inability to perform. [1/3 definitions]