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bright (pl.) the high beam of automotive vehicle headlights. (Cf. dim.) [1/7 definitions]
convenience store a store, often near a busy road or highway, that is open long hours and that sells a limited selection of grocery items, especially snacks and beverages, as well as certain pharmaceutical and automotive items.
dim to switch (automotive vehicle headlights) from high intensity or position to ordinary intensity. [2/9 definitions]
filling station a retail establishment that provides automotive products and services, esp. gasoline, oil, and air; gas station; service station.
induction coil a transformer for converting an interrupted low-voltage direct current to an intermittent high-voltage alternating current, as in some automotive ignitions.
nitrogen dioxide a slightly toxic gas composed of nitrogen and oxygen, found in smog and automotive exhaust, and synthesized for use in nitration and oxidation, and as a catalyst.
nonautomotive combined form of automotive.
rocker arm a pivoted lever or arm attached to a moving or stationary shaft, used to transfer a rocking or pushing motion, as in an automotive engine.
rocker panel any of the panels on the body and beneath the doors of an automotive vehicle.