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autonomic in physiology, of or relating to the autonomic nervous system. [1/3 definitions]
beta blocker any of a class of drugs that inhibit the absorption of adrenalin and the activity of the autonomic nervous system, and are used to control the heartbeat and relieve angina and hypertension.
hypothalamus the part of the brain below the thalamus in the ventral region of the diencephalon, important in the regulation of the autonomic nervous system and body temperature.
parasympathetic relating to those parts of the autonomic nervous system, found in the middle and back parts of the brain and the lower spinal cord, that oppose the work of the sympathetic system, as in dilating the pupils or slowing the heart beat.
sympathetic in vertebrates, designating that part of the autonomic nervous system which is responsible for accelerating the heartbeat, decreasing digestive activity, and other actions. (Cf. parasympathetic.) [1/5 definitions]