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abeam at right angles to a line passing from the front to the back of a ship.
Achilles tendon the large tendon that connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel.
aftermost nearest the back or stern, as on a ship; farthest aft.
altazimuth a telescope or other instrument that moves in altitude (up and down) and in azimuth (back and forth).
alternate to move back and forth indefinitely between two or more conditions, places, or actions (usu. fol. by "between"). [1/9 definitions]
ana- back or backward. [1/4 definitions]
antimacassar a covering, usu. decorative, used on the back or arms of a chair or sofa to protect the upholstery.
arm wrestling a contest in which each of two opponents places either the right or the left elbow on a table with the forearm vertical, clasps the opponent's hand, and tries to force the opponent's hand back until it touches the table; Indian wrestling.
arytenoid of or pertaining to either of a pair of small cartilages at the back of the larynx to which the vocal chords are attached. [1/3 definitions]
ascent a movement back towards one's origins or up from one's origins. [1/4 definitions]
astern toward the back or rear of a boat or aircraft; backwards. [1/2 definitions]
backache a pain in the back, esp. a persistent one in the lower back.
backbone the series of bones that run along the center of the back; spinal column; vertebrae. [1/3 definitions]
backed having a back or support (often used in combination).
backhand a forward movement made with the back of the hand outward, as in a slap or a stroke with a tennis racket. [1/5 definitions]
backing anything that forms or is put on the back of something, esp. as a cover or support. [1/3 definitions]
backlog to hold back for future processing or completion. [1/3 definitions]
backpack a pack used to carry objects, esp. camping gear, on one's back; knapsack. [1/3 definitions]
backrest something against which one can rest one's back.
back seat a seat behind other seats or in the back, esp. of a vehicle.
backspace to move a typewriter carriage or computer cursor back one or more spaces by pressing a certain key. [1/2 definitions]