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altazimuth a telescope or other instrument that moves in altitude (up and down) and in azimuth (back and forth).
alternate to move back and forth indefinitely between two or more conditions, places, or actions (usu. fol. by "between"). [1/9 definitions]
badminton a sport in which players use light, long-handled rackets to propel a shuttlecock back and forth across a high net.
bandy to exchange or pass back and forth between two or more people, often competitively. [2/4 definitions]
cable car an enclosed passenger vehicle either on rails or suspended on a cable and pulled back and forth by a moving cable, esp. up and down a steep incline or across a chasm.
cat's cradle a children's game in which a looped string is passed back and forth from the fingers of one player to those of the other so as to form a series of intricate patterns.
chassis in a gun, the groove along which the carriage moves back and forth. [1/4 definitions]
commutation the travel back and forth of a commuter; commuting. [1/3 definitions]
commute to travel regularly back and forth between two points, usu. the home and workplace. [1/7 definitions]
crisscross to move back and forth over. [1/6 definitions]
diddle2 (informal) to jerk or move rapidly back and forth or up and down; jiggle.
fan1 a hand-held device that opens out to form a triangular shape and that is used to cool the face or body by waving back and forth. [1/7 definitions]
flicker1 to move rapidly back and forth; flutter. [1/5 definitions]
flip-flop to flap or bang back and forth, up and down, or the like, or make the sound of such movement. [1/7 definitions]
flipper a small, wedge-shaped device that can be manipulated so that it pivots back and forth, used esp. in arcade games to hit small moving balls and change their course. [1/3 definitions]
flutter to move swiftly back and forth or up and down in a jerky or irregular manner; flap. [1/9 definitions]
jiggle to move or cause to move jerkily up and down or back and forth. [1/2 definitions]
joggle to move back and forth rapidly but gently; shake. [1/3 definitions]
medicine ball a large, heavy leather ball that is thrown back and forth in physical conditioning and exercise.
oscillate to swing steadily and repeatedly back and forth. [1/4 definitions]
pace1 to walk back and forth as if nervous. [1/12 definitions]