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ambient a type of instrumental music characterized by patterns of sound rather than melodic form or rhythmic structure, and which can be explicitly listened to or serve as background or atmospheric sound. [1/3 definitions]
ancestry one's ancestors collectively; one's family background. [1/3 definitions]
backdrop the setting or background of anything. [1/2 definitions]
background of, relating to, or providing a background. [1/5 definitions]
back up to return to an earlier point in one's story or account, or give explanatory background to what one is saying. [1/8 definitions]
bas-relief sculpture in which the carved parts are raised only slightly from a flat background.
basset2 in geology, to protrude or emerge, as from a level, background, or buried part; crop out. [1/2 definitions]
behind in or as the background of. [1/10 definitions]
blueprint a photographic print of architectural or mechanical drawings, usu. done with white lines on a blue background. [1/3 definitions]
cameo a method of carving a gemstone so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another. [2/3 definitions]
commentator one who provides a commentary, esp. one who reports news along with background information or interpretation in a radio or television broadcast.
dapple a patch or group of spotted markings of different shade or color than their background, or a single such mark. [1/4 definitions]
desktop in computing, a graphical interface on personal computers that represents the user's working space as icons on a background that covers the screen, or the folder whose contents are thus represented. [1/4 definitions]
diorama a scene represented by three-dimensional objects placed in front of a painted background, as in a natural history museum. [1/2 definitions]
d'or, in a field azure (combined French and English) of gold, on a blue background.
ecliptic the apparent path of the sun, as seen from the earth against the background stars. [1/3 definitions]
field a background, esp. of a painting or flag. [1/11 definitions]
folk (used with a pl. verb) (often pl.) a specific group of people, distinguished by common nationality, background, or style of life. [1/6 definitions]
ground bass a repeated bass passage that provides a background for changing music in the upper registers.
Johnson noise the thermal background noise heard on a radio receiver.
kinsman a man of the same race or cultural background as another person. [1/2 definitions]