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BLT a toasted sandwich made with fried bacon, strips of lettuce, and sliced tomato.
carbonara designating pasta that is covered with a mild cheese sauce made up of eggs, bacon, onion, and parmesan cheese.
clams casino a dish in which clams, combined with a dressing flavored with garlic and bacon, are broiled on the half shell.
flitch a salted and cured side of a hog; side of bacon. [1/4 definitions]
gammon2 the lower portion of a side of bacon. [1/2 definitions]
lardon a strip of bacon, pork, or other fat used to lard meat.
oysters Rockefeller broiled oysters served on the half shell topped with spinach, bacon, seasonings, and cream sauce or butter.
rasher a thin slice, or a serving of thin slices, of bacon or ham.
tournedos a small round fillet of beef cut from the tenderloin, often cooked with a strip of bacon around it.