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backbite to criticize harshly or speak badly of (an absent person).
bad apple one exceptional member of a group who behaves badly and causes trouble for all the other members of the group or makes the others look bad.
bounder an obtrusive, ill-bred, or vulgar person, esp. a man who behaves badly toward women. [1/2 definitions]
brat an annoying, spoiled, or badly behaved child.
bum (informal) one who treats others badly or unfairly. [1/5 definitions]
bumble1 to spoil or do badly because of clumsiness; botch. [1/2 definitions]
bungle to perform badly or incompetently; botch. [3 definitions]
bungler one who performs badly or incompetently.
butcher to do badly; bungle. [1/6 definitions]
disservice an act of treating someone badly or less favorably than deserved.
fizzle (informal) to fail or end badly in spite of a good beginning. [1/4 definitions]
flub (informal) to do badly; botch; bungle. [1/2 definitions]
go wrong to malfunction, go badly, or cause failure or difficulty (often fol. by "with"). [1/2 definitions]
ill faultily or inappropriately; badly. [1/11 definitions]
ill-use to treat cruelly or badly; mistreat. [1/2 definitions]
Jaws of Life trademark for an air-pressured tool having a pincerlike device able to rip apart a badly damaged vehicle in order to free a person trapped within.
jinx to cause to have bad luck or turn out badly. [1/2 definitions]
kick around (informal) to look down on and treat badly. [1/3 definitions]
malign to speak badly of; defame; slander. [1/2 definitions]
maltreat to treat badly, esp. with physical abuse.
misbehave to act or behave improperly or badly. [2 definitions]