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aeronaut one who operates or travels in a balloon or airship.
aerostat an aircraft, such as a balloon or dirigible, that is lifted and held aloft by a gas that is lighter than air.
aircraft any man-made vehicle that can fly through the air, such as an airplane, helicopter, glider, or balloon.
ballast heavy material placed in the car of a balloon to make it more stable. [1/4 definitions]
balloon to ride or ascend in a balloon. [3/8 definitions]
car an enclosure for carrying people, as in an elevator or balloon. [1/3 definitions]
distend to swell or cause to swell from, or as if from, internal pressure; balloon.
gondola a basket, car, or sling suspended below a balloon or dirigible, used for carrying passengers or instruments. [1/5 definitions]
lift to rise, as a plane or balloon. [1/12 definitions]
moor2 to anchor (a ship, balloon, or other vessel) with cables or lines. [1/4 definitions]
nacelle the gondola of a passenger-carrying balloon. [1/2 definitions]
pilot balloon a small balloon released to determine wind speed and direction.
rawin the monitoring of upper-air wind currents using a balloon fitted with radar or a radio direction-finding device (acronym for "radio/wind").
rip cord a cord that, when pulled, allows gas to escape from a passenger balloon or dirigible, causing a rapid descent. [1/2 definitions]
sonde any of various devices, esp. a radiosonde, sent aloft by rocket or balloon to measure atmospheric conditions.
tether a rope, chain, leash, or the like by which an animal, balloon, or other moving or movable object is fastened. [1/2 definitions]
trial balloon a weather balloon. [1/2 definitions]