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backswing in sports, the first part of the swing of a bat, club, racket, or the like, in which it is swung toward the player's back in preparation for the forward swing.
baseball a game played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players each, the object being to score runs by advancing runners around four bases. [1/2 definitions]
base runner in baseball, any member of the team at bat who is safely on base or is running toward a base.
bat1 to hit with a bat. [1/4 definitions]
batsman a player who is at bat, esp. in cricket.
batter3 the person who stands in to bat the ball in baseball or cricket.
batting the action of using a bat in a game of baseball or cricket. [1/2 definitions]
batting average a measure of a baseball player's batting ability computed by dividing the total number of base hits by the number of official times at bat. [1/2 definitions]
batwing resembling the wing or wings of a bat.
choke up in baseball, to move one's hands up from the bottom end of the bat. [1/2 definitions]
consonance in prosody, the repetition of the same consonant sound, esp. at the ends of words, as in "print" and "bat". [1/3 definitions]
designated hitter in the American League in baseball, a team member chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
DH abbreviation of "designated hitter," in the American League in baseball, a team member chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
Dracula in a late nineteenth-century novel by Bram Stoker, the title character, a vampire, who is able to transform himself into a bat.
foul tip in baseball, a pitched ball that is barely tipped by the bat and is either caught by the catcher or deflected into the foul zone.
leadoff in baseball, the player who is first in the batting order or first to bat in an inning. [1/2 definitions]
on deck in baseball, next in line to bat. [1/2 definitions]
pinch-hit in baseball, to bat for another player, esp. at a crucial point in a game. [1/3 definitions]
slug2 to hit (a baseball) very hard with a bat. [1/2 definitions]
switch-hitter a baseball player who is able to bat either left-handed or right-handed. [1/2 definitions]
wing either of a pair of movable appendages enabling a bird, bat, or insect to fly. [1/14 definitions]