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abaft in nautical terminology, toward the stern from; behind. [1/2 definitions]
account a statement of the causes or reasons behind some action, event, or phenomenon. [1/16 definitions]
after behind in time, order, or place; later than. [2/12 definitions]
Alaska Standard Time the standard time used in most of Alaska, nine hours behind Greenwich time.
alley1 a narrow street or passage between or behind buildings, esp. in a city. [2/5 definitions]
altarpiece a work of art that decorates the area above and behind an altar.
arrearage the condition of being in arrears or behind in the payment of a debt. [1/2 definitions]
astern behind a boat or aircraft. [1/2 definitions]
Atlantic Standard Time the standard time used in the western Atlantic and the easternmost parts of Canada, four hours behind Greenwich time.
backfield in football, those offensive players whose position is behind the line, or those defensive players whose position is behind the linebackers. [1/2 definitions]
backlit illuminated from behind.
back seat a seat or seating area behind other seats, esp. of a vehicle.
backstage taking place or located behind the areas of a theater stage that are not visible to the audience. [2/4 definitions]
back up of traffic, to become so slow that vehicles form long lines behind each other with little space between each vehicle. [1/8 definitions]
backyard an open area behind a house that is part of the homeowner's property.
balkline a line parallel and close to one end of a billiard table, from behind which the opening shot is made.
bed the area behind the cab of a truck on which the truck's cargo is loaded. [1/10 definitions]
behindhand behind the times; backward. [1/3 definitions]
bicycle a lightweight vehicle with two wheels one behind the other, handlebars for steering, pedals for locomotion, and a small saddlelike seat. (See cycle.) [1/2 definitions]
blind spot an area nearby but which, or in which, one cannot see or hear what is happening, such as an area behind an automobile in motion that the driver cannot see through a rear-view mirror, or an acoustically dead spot in an auditorium. [1/4 definitions]
break out to go in a completely new direction, leaving others or one's old ways behind. [1/5 definitions]