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armpit the hollow formed beneath the arm where it joins the body.
attn. abbreviation of "attention," consideration or notice (usu. used beneath an address on an envelope to refer to a specific individual, department, or the like, to whom the envelope should be delivered upon receipt).
bedrock the solid layer of rock in the earth's surface, usu. beneath soil, sand, gravel, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
below in or to a lower place; beneath. [2/6 definitions]
blubber the layer of fat beneath the skin of whales, seals, and other large sea mammals. [1/5 definitions]
bonnet a traditional women's cloth hat with a brim and fastened beneath the chin with ribbons, now worn primarily by infants. [1/6 definitions]
bustle2 a cushion or wire frame formerly worn beneath a dress to add fullness in the rear. [1/2 definitions]
cellar a room or rooms wholly or partly underground and usu. beneath a building; basement. [1/4 definitions]
chafing dish a lidded dish or pot, supported on a metal frame with a candle or other heating device beneath it, and used to cook food at the table or keep it hot.
corium the layer of skin that lies beneath the epidermal layer and contains nerves and blood vessels; derma.
crawlspace a low or shallow area, as beneath the roof or floor of a building, usu. containing wiring and plumbing.
crossbones an emblem consisting of two crossed bones, often beneath a skull, used to symbolize death.
crypt a burial chamber or underground vault, esp. one beneath a church.
cutline a descriptive legend, such as one beneath a photograph, diagram, or the like; caption.
deposit a quantity of a substance existing naturally beneath the ground. [1/10 definitions]
derma1 skin, esp. the true, living skin found beneath the epidermis; dermis.
disdain to reject as being unworthy or beneath one's dignity. [1/3 definitions]
double chin one or more fatty folds of flesh beneath the chin.
drawbridge a bridge built so that it can be raised or moved in order to either allow tall ships to pass beneath or restrict passage.
elevated railway a railway that is elevated on a framework, permitting ground traffic to circulate beneath it.
eyetooth a canine tooth in the upper jaw, located beneath the eye.