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accrue to grow or accumulate over time, esp. as something of benefit.
advantage something that is a benefit, profit, or gain. [1/3 definitions]
advantageous offering benefit, gain, or profit.
altruistic performed or given for the benefit of others, without concern for one's own welfare. [1/2 definitions]
au pair (French) of or pertaining to an arrangement in which one service or benefit is exchanged for another. [1/2 definitions]
bankrupt in law, a debtor who by his own petition or petition by others is legally declared incapable of meeting debts and whose assets are administered by a court for his creditors' benefit. [1/6 definitions]
behoof advantage, benefit, or use.
benefaction a good deed to the benefit of a person or institution, often a charitable organization. [2 definitions]
benevolence the inclination to act to the benefit of others; good will. [1/2 definitions]
benevolent intended to benefit others rather than to make a profit; altruistic. [1/3 definitions]
cannibalize to deplete (an organization) of personnel or material so as to benefit other organizations. [1/4 definitions]
dedicate to set apart or declare to be for a special use or purpose, as a worthy cause, public benefit, or sacred activities. [1/3 definitions]
dividend a bonus or unexpected reward or benefit. [1/4 definitions]
eligible qualified for a benefit, privilege or position, such as elective office. [1/2 definitions]
enjoy to benefit from; have the use of. [1/3 definitions]
for used to indicate receipt or benefit. [1/13 definitions]
fringe benefit a benefit, such as health insurance or a pension, given to an employee in addition to wages or salary.
front-load to assign the bulk of the expense or benefit of a financial process to its early stages. [1/2 definitions]
gain something gained; benefit. [1/9 definitions]
good benefit; welfare. [1/24 definitions]
invest to spend with the intention of gaining some benefit. [1/4 definitions]