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atom anything extremely small; tiny bit. [1/2 definitions]
a trifle a little bit; somewhat; slightly.
aught1 anything at all; any little part or bit.
barmy (chiefly British; informal) a bit crazy; nuts. [1/2 definitions]
bit1 to put the bit of a bridle in the mouth of. [2/5 definitions]
bit2 a small role in a film or play; bit part. [1/4 definitions]
brace and bit a drilling tool that consists of a drill bit rotated by a handle or brace.
breadcrumb a very tiny bit of bread. [1/2 definitions]
breath a small bit; trace. [1/4 definitions]
bridle the part of a horse harness that includes the bit and reins and is used to guide or control. [1/5 definitions]
catch snatch; bit. [1/18 definitions]
chloroplast a small oval green bit of protoplasm that contains chlorophyll and is the location of photosynthesis.
chuck2 a device that holds a drill bit or that holds the material being shaped on a lathe. [1/2 definitions]
creep out (informal) to cause (someone) to feel uneasy or a bit frightened; give (someone) the creeps.
crumb a tiny fragment or bit of anything. [1/6 definitions]
dab1 a small moist bit. [1/6 definitions]
dainty a delicious bit of food; delicacy. [1/4 definitions]
doodad a trinket, bauble, or bit of ornamentation. [1/2 definitions]
drill1 a tool consisting of a shaft that has sharp cutting edges and is used to make holes in wood, metal, or the like, usu. by means of rotation; drill bit. [2/13 definitions]
drillstock the part of a drilling machine or tool that tightens securely around the shank of a bit or drill; chuck.
fleck a tiny bit; speck. [1/3 definitions]