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amanita any of various, mostly poisonous mushrooms having blade-shaped gills on the underside.
ax a heavy cutting tool with a blade mounted at the end of a long handle, used esp. for chopping wood. [1/4 definitions]
bowie knife a hunting knife about fifteen inches long that has a single-edged, pointed blade and a crosspiece and is usu. sheathed.
broadax an ax with a wide blade and a short handle, used as a weapon or for cutting down timber.
broadsword a sword with a broad flat blade.
bulldozer a tractorlike piece of heavy equipment that pushes or lifts soil or debris with a vertical blade attached to the front.
chopper a short tool with a sharp blade, used for cutting meat. [1/3 definitions]
circular saw a power saw featuring a disk-shaped blade that is rotated at high speed. [2 definitions]
colter the blade or wheel on the front of a plowshare that cuts a line in the sod.
coping saw a handsaw with a thin blade that is attached to the handle by a U-shaped frame, used for cutting curved shapes into wood.
coracoid a bone that extends from shoulder blade to breastbone in reptiles and birds, but that is only a rudimentary bony process in mammals. [1/2 definitions]
cutlass a short thick sword with one cutting edge and usu. a curved blade.
dirk a dagger with a long straight blade. [1/2 definitions]
double-edged having two cutting edges, as a saw or razor blade. [1/2 definitions]
drawknife a knife that can be drawn, by means of handles at both ends of the blade, toward the user to shave a surface.
edge the cutting side of a knife blade or other such instrument. [1/10 definitions]
épée a fencing sword having a three-sided blade and a blunt circular tip guard.
falchion a short broad medieval sword with a slight curve in the blade near the point.
fasces a pack of rods surrounding an ax so that only its blade projects, used esp. during ancient Roman times as a symbol of power and authority.
feather to turn and hold (an oar blade) horizontally between strokes in rowing. [1/12 definitions]
figure skater an ice skater who is capable of tracing perfect figures onto the ice with the blade of his or her skate and executes athletic jumps and dance movements.