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acne rosacea a chronic skin condition affecting the face that is characterized by redness, pimples, swelling, and dilation of blood vessels; rosacea.
anastomose to connect, either by natural branching growth or by surgery (parts of a blood vessel, nerve, or any branching system).
anastomosis an interconnection between branches or tributaries, as in a river or blood vessels. [1/2 definitions]
angiogenesis the formation of new blood vessels.
angiogram an x-ray image of blood vessels that is taken after injecting a substance that absorbs x-rays into the blood.
angiography a technique for imaging blood vessels.
angioma a tumor consisting mainly of blood vessels or lymph vessels.
angioplasty surgical repair of a blood vessel.
arteriole a blood vessel located between an artery and a capillary.
avascular lacking blood vessels.
baroreceptor a nerve ending sensitive to blood pressure that helps regulate the dilation of blood vessels in the circulatory system.
blood pressure the pressure of the blood against the inner wall of blood vessels, esp. the arteries or the heart, as exerted by the contractions of the heart muscles, often measured as an indicator of physical health.
bloodshot (of eyes) showing dilated blood vessels; red and irritated.
Bright's disease chronic inflammation of the blood vessels in the kidneys.
capillary a minute, hairlike blood vessel connecting the end of an artery to the beginning of a vein. [1/6 definitions]
cardiovascular of or pertaining to the heart and blood vessels.
cerebrovascular of, pertaining to, or involving blood vessels of the cerebrum.
corium the layer of skin that lies beneath the epidermal layer and contains nerves and blood vessels; derma.
coronary of or pertaining to the heart or the blood vessels that supply it. [3/5 definitions]
embolectomy the surgical removal of an embolus, usu. from a blood vessel.
embolism in pathology, the obstruction or closure of a blood vessel by undissolved matter carried in the blood stream.