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aphid a small soft-bodied and slow-moving insect that feeds by sucking the juices of plants; plant louse.
barracuda any of several long-bodied, fiercely predacious marine tropical fishes.
bee any of the flying, hairy-bodied, and often stinging insects that live either in social networks or alone, many of which suck nectar from flowers.
black duck any of several other dark-bodied ducks. [1/2 definitions]
butterfish a flat-bodied fish caught for food along the North American Atlantic coast.
cabernet a type of dry, full-bodied red wine made in California.
chub any of various thick-bodied freshwater fish common to Europe. [1/3 definitions]
cockroach any of a large group of flat-bodied, nocturnal insects related to the grasshopper, some of which infest homes and other buildings.
hamster any of several short-tailed, round-bodied Eurasian rodents that have large cheek pouches, often kept as pets or laboratory animals.
Jamaica rum a dark, pungent, full-bodied rum made in Jamaica.
marmot any of several thick-bodied burrowing rodents that have coarse fur and short legs and ears, such as the woodchuck.
mealybug any of several destructive, soft-bodied, scalelike insects that secrete a white, powdery, waxy protective coating.
partridge any of various stout-bodied game birds, including the grouse and bobwhite, usu. having brownish or grayish plumage.
puff adder a large, thick-bodied, poisonous African viper that puffs up and hisses when irritated. [1/2 definitions]
sea urchin a soft-bodied echinoderm that is enclosed in a hard round or disk-shaped shell, covered with long thin movable spines.
stout blocky, thick-bodied, or fat. [1/6 definitions]
termite any of various light-colored, soft-bodied, somewhat antlike, and mainly tropical insects that feed on wood and thus may destroy wooden structures, trees, and the like.
weasel any of various carnivorous, slender-bodied mammals, related to minks and polecats, with brownish fur, short legs, and a long bushy tail. [1/4 definitions]