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borer a machine or other device designed to bore holes. [2/3 definitions]
carpenter bee any of various types of bee that bore tunnels in wood and lay their eggs there.
deathwatch any of several beetles that make a ticking sound as they bore through wood. [1/3 definitions]
gribble any of several small saltwater crustaceans that bore into wood underwater, often causing great damage.
lumen a hollow space, as in the bore of a hollow needle or in a bodily duct or tract. [1/2 definitions]
sawyer any of a number of beetles with long antennae, whose larvae bore holes in the wood of coniferous trees. [1/2 definitions]
seed fern a fernlike Paleozoic plant, now extinct, that bore naked seeds upon its leaves.
shotgun a riflelike gun with a smooth bore that fires several small pellets or buckshot at once, used mostly for killing birds and small game at close range.
tire1 to drain the interest or tax the patience of; bore. [1/4 definitions]
virgin birth (often cap.) the Christian theological doctrine that Mary was still a virgin when she bore Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit having miraculously impregnated her. [1/2 definitions]
windage the difference in a firearm between the diameter of the projectile fired and that of the bore of the firearm. [1/3 definitions]