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back-pedal in boxing, to move rapidly backward from one's opponent. [1/3 definitions]
box2 to fight with in a boxing match. [4/6 definitions]
boxing gloves a heavily padded set of leather gloves of standard weight and design used in boxing.
cauliflower ear an ear that is permanently misshapen as a result of repeated blows or injuries, as from boxing.
chop1 a short downward blow or stroke, as in boxing or tennis. [1/8 definitions]
clinch in boxing, the act of holding an opponent with the arms to impede hitting. [1/8 definitions]
counter3 in boxing, to deliver a blow while receiving or blocking one from one's opponent. [2/8 definitions]
fight a boxing match. [2/9 definitions]
fistic of or pertaining to boxing or fighting with the fists; pugilistic.
fisticuffs boxing. [1/2 definitions]
footwork the manner in which the feet are used or moved, as in sports such as tennis or boxing, or in dance. [1/3 definitions]
glove a large padded mitten worn by a boxer; boxing glove. [1/5 definitions]
handler in boxing, a coach, trainer, or assistant. [1/3 definitions]
hook in boxing, a short swinging blow or punch, made with the arm bent. [2/19 definitions]
infighting combat at close range, as in boxing. [1/2 definitions]
knockout in boxing, the act of defeating an opponent by knocking him down for a count of ten; KO. (Cf. technical knockout.) [1/3 definitions]
knock out in boxing, to strike (an opponent) and cause that person to fall and be unable to rise within a count of ten. [1/5 definitions]
KO abbreviation of "knockout," in boxing, the act of defeating an opponent by knocking him down for a count of ten. (See technical knockout.)
left1 in boxing, a blow struck with the left fist. [1/6 definitions]
low blow in boxing, a blow below the belt. [1/2 definitions]
matchmaker someone who arranges athletic matches, esp. wrestling or boxing competitions. [1/2 definitions]