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beef cattle cattle bred and raised for meat.
bounder an obtrusive, ill-bred, or vulgar person, esp. a man who behaves badly toward women. [1/2 definitions]
budgerigar a brightly colored Australian parakeet, bred as a domestic pet.
bullfight a ceremonial sport practiced esp. in Spain and Mexico in which banderilleros and picadors first goad and tire a specially bred bull, and then a matador with a cape and sword provokes the bull into charging him several times, and finally kills it.
carp2 a large edible freshwater fish, found or bred in lakes and ponds. [1/2 definitions]
Chester White a kind of large white hog first bred in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
cockfight a fight, often to the death, between two roosters bred for fighting and often equipped with metal spurs.
cultivar a variety of plant that has been selectively bred for desired characteristics.
gamecock a rooster trained and often bred for fighting.
goldfish a small, usu. orange or yellow freshwater fish bred in numerous varieties and often kept in ponds or aquariums.
harrier2 any of several small hounds bred for hunting cross-country, usu. in packs. [1/2 definitions]
highbred bred from or having the characteristics of superior stock.
Himalayan any of a breed of domestic cat, bred by crossing Siamese and Persian cats, that has blue eyes and long, light-colored fur except on the face, ears, feet, and tail, which are dark. [1/3 definitions]
homebred raised or bred domestically; native. [1/2 definitions]
hunter a dog or horse specially trained or bred to assist in hunting wild animals. [1/2 definitions]
kennel (often pl.) a place where dogs are raised, bred, trained, or housed. [1/2 definitions]
ladylike like, characteristic of, or befitting a lady; cultivated; refined; well-bred. [1/2 definitions]
Norwegian elkhound any of a breed of dogs having a compact body and a thick gray coat, originally bred in Norway for hunting elk and other large game.
pit bull any of the American breeds of muscular terriers that have short hair, a broad skull, and powerful jaws, originally bred for dogfighting.
pointer any of a breed of hunting dog bred and trained to point with the nose and body toward the hunter's prey. [1/5 definitions]
polite well-bred; cultured. [1/2 definitions]