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bribe to give or offer a bribe to. [1/4 definitions]
bribery the offering or accepting of a bribe.
buy to give a bribe to. [1/7 definitions]
buy off to give money in exchange for cooperation, silence, or noninterference; bribe.
corruption influencing by a bribe; bribery. [1/5 definitions]
grease someone's palm (informal) to give money to someone, usu. as a bribe.
hush money (informal) money paid as a bribe to keep a person from revealing something such as a scandalous or criminal act.
pay off (informal) to give a bribe to (someone). [1/3 definitions]
rake-off (informal) a share of total profits, esp. an amount received illegally, such as a bribe or embezzlement.
sop something given to soothe, placate, win over, or bribe. [1/6 definitions]
venal associated with or done in response to a bribe. [2/3 definitions]