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beefalo the hybrid offspring of beef cattle and the American buffalo.
bison a hoofed, shaggy, cud-chewing mammal with a large head and forequarters, short curved horns, and a hump at the shoulders, found in North America; buffalo. [1/2 definitions]
buff1 a soft, thick yellow leather made from the buffalo hide or the hide of other animals. [1/8 definitions]
Cape buffalo a large, fierce, black buffalo native to southern Africa whose horns form a helmetlike structure.
carabao the water buffalo.
cow1 the female of various other large animals such as the buffalo, elephant, and whale. [1/2 definitions]
hide2 the skin of one of the larger animals such as a buffalo or cow. [1/3 definitions]
Pan American Exposition a world's fair held in 1901 in Buffalo, New York, where the use of electricity was the highlight and at which U.S. President William McKinley was assassinated.
Plains Indian a member of any of the buffalo-hunting, seminomadic North American Indian peoples that formerly inhabited the Great Plains.
water buffalo a large, slow, powerful buffalo of tropical Asia with flattened, curved horns, often domesticated as a draft animal.