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blank a gun cartridge without a bullet. [1/12 definitions]
bulleted marked by a bullet symbol or symbols.
caliber the outer diameter of a bullet or artillery shell. [1/3 definitions]
cartridge a tubular case for an explosive charge or bullet. [1/4 definitions]
dumdum a bullet designed to cause serious damage by expanding as it hits the target.
fire (of a gun) to emit a bullet or shot. [1/14 definitions]
gunshot a projectile fired from a gun; bullet. [1/4 definitions]
line of fire the path of a fired bullet or shell. [1/2 definitions]
ogive the curved nose of a projectile such as a bullet, rocket, or missile. [1/3 definitions]
pellet a small bullet or shot. [1/4 definitions]
rifle range the distance that a bullet fired from a rifle may cover. [1/2 definitions]
Russian roulette a deadly game of chance in which each participant takes a turn at spinning the cylinder of a revolver that holds only one bullet, pointing it at his or her own head, and pulling the trigger. [1/2 definitions]
slug1 a small, roundish piece of metal, such as a bullet or a counterfeit coin. [1/5 definitions]
tracer a bullet or missile that leaves a trail of light or smoke when fired. [1/3 definitions]
zip1 a sudden, sharp whizzing noise, such as that of an arrow or bullet in flight. [1/4 definitions]
zip gun a crude handmade pistol, usu. consisting of a piece of pipe attached to a wooden stock, that fires a .22-caliber bullet.