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Aphrodite (l.c.) a large brown butterfly with silvery spots, found in North America. [1/2 definitions]
butterfly in cooking, having been cut and spread out so as to look like a butterfly. [2/5 definitions]
caterpillar a butterfly or moth larva, resembling a worm and often brightly colored. [1/2 definitions]
chrysalid the pupa of a moth or butterfly; chrysalis. [1/2 definitions]
chrysalis a hard shell or cocoon encasing a moth or butterfly in the pupal stage; pupa.
cocoon a fibrous covering produced by immature insects, such as butterfly and moth larvae, to protect them during metamorphosis, or by some spiders to hide their eggs. [1/2 definitions]
gurnard any of a family of marine fishes having enlarged pectoral fins with which they can glide through the air for short distances; flying gurnard or butterfly fish. [1/2 definitions]
lepidopteran a moth or butterfly.
metamorphosis the developmental changes in living organisms, such as the successive stages from caterpillar to butterfly or from tadpole to frog. [1/3 definitions]
monarch see "monarch butterfly." [1/2 definitions]
monarch butterfly a large orange, black, and white migratory butterfly.
mourning cloak a common butterfly of Europe and North America that has brown wings with purple spots and yellow edges.
papillon any of a breed of toy spaniels having a long, silky coat and large erect ears that resemble butterfly wings.
sweet pea a climbing plant that is related to the pea and that bears fragrant, variously colored, butterfly-shaped flowers.
viceroy a black and orange North American butterfly that closely resembles but is smaller than the monarch butterfly. [1/2 definitions]
wood nymph a brown satyr butterfly with eyelike spots on the wings. [1/3 definitions]