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doit a former copper coin of the Netherlands and Dutch colonies that came into use in the seventeenth century. [1/2 definitions]
forerunner one that came before; ancestor; predecessor; precursor. [1/2 definitions]
magus (often cap.) one of the Maji, the wise men described in the Christian New Testament, traditionally three in number, who came from the East to pay homage to the infant Jesus in the town of Bethlehem. [1/3 definitions]
plurality the largest proportion of votes in an election, esp. when it is less than half the total, or the margin of votes separating the victor from the person who came second. [1/2 definitions]
Sisyphus in Greek mythology, a king of Corinth who chained Death when he came for him, and was doomed forever in Hades to roll a heavy stone uphill, only to have it roll down again.
veni, vidi, vici (Latin) I came, I saw, I conquered (said by Julius Caesar after a victory).