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aperture an opening, often adjustable, that controls the amount of light reaching the lens on a camera or other optical instrument. [1/2 definitions]
boom2 any such extending support, as for a microphone, camera, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
camcorder a portable video recording device that includes a camera and an audio recorder in one unit.
cameraman a man who operates a motion-picture or television camera.
camerawoman a woman who operates a motion-picture or television camera.
candid camera a small simple camera with a fast lens used to photograph unposed subjects or take informal pictures.
cartridge a unit enclosing photographic film for ease of loading into a camera. [1/4 definitions]
cassette a compact case for film, or audio or video tape, used to facilitate leading a camera or recorder.
cinematographer in a film crew, the main camera operator, who is responsible for lighting, camera angles, and the like.
diaphragm a disklike device that moves to regulate the amount of light entering an optical instrument such as a camera. [1/5 definitions]
dolly to move (a camera) by using a dolly. [3/6 definitions]
downstage the front portion of a stage, closest to the audience or camera. [1/3 definitions]
endoscopy a medical procedure, carried out for the purpose of examination, in which an endoscope, a long, tubular instrument with an attached camera, is inserted into the body, esp. through the throat or bowel.
eye a mechanical or electronic device such as a camera lens that looks or functions like a biological eye. [1/9 definitions]
film to photograph with a movie camera or other video recording device. [1/11 definitions]
finder a device attached to a camera through which one can look to see what will be included in the photograph; viewfinder. [1/2 definitions]
fisheye lens a wide-angle camera lens that covers a full 180 degrees, producing images characterized by peripheral distortion and dramatically foreshortened perspective.
flashcube a small, disposable cube with four flashbulbs that attaches to a camera and is automatically turned after each picture is taken.
f-number the relative aperture of a camera lens, representing the light it will transmit, which is obtained by dividing the focal length of the lens by the diameter of the aperture.
focus degree of clarity and precision, esp. in an image presented by an optical system such as a camera. [1/9 definitions]
f-stop for a camera lens, an aperture setting corresponding to an f-number. [1/2 definitions]