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acetylcholine a form of this compound used in medicine for its ability to decrease blood pressure and cause muscular movement in such organs as the alimentary canal. [1/2 definitions]
ampulla an enlarged part of a tube or canal, as of a milk canal in the milk-secreting glands of a mammal. [1/2 definitions]
antiperistalsis reverse movement in the intestines, alimentary canal, or similar organs, causing the contents of these organs to move backwards.
berm a narrow ledge or shoulder, as alongside a road or canal. [1/3 definitions]
canalize to furnish with or convert into a canal or canals. [1/3 definitions]
Canal Zone a strip on either side of the Panama Canal that will be under U.S. control until 1999.
cerumen a waxy yellow secretion from glands in the outer ear canal; earwax.
cervix the muscular constriction between the uterus and the birth canal. [1/2 definitions]
dilatation in medicine, the state or condition of abnormal enlargement of an organ, cavity, or canal of the body.
diverticulum a tubular pouch or sac that branches out from a body canal, organ, or cavity, occurring as a normal or abnormal growth.
earbud earphones that fit into the outer ear canal.
endodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that diagnoses and treats diseases of the dental pulp; root canal therapy.
enteron the alimentary canal.
Erie Canal a U.S. canal that runs through New York State and connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. After many years of work, the canal was completed and opened in 1825.
Eustachian tube a passage connecting the middle ear with the throat; auditory canal.
fistula a canal or passage created as a result of a wound, abscess, or the like that opens on the surface of the body or connects two cavities. [1/2 definitions]
floodgate a gate, as in a canal, used to control a flow or level of water. [1/2 definitions]
gut the food canal or a part of it, esp. the stomach or intestines. [1/11 definitions]
outer ear the part of the ear that is visible outside of the head and which includes the auricle and the canal leading to the eardrum.
Panama Canal a canal that reaches from the Atlantic southeast through the Isthmus of Panama to the Pacific.
root canal a dental procedure in which the root canal is opened, cleaned, and then filled. [1/2 definitions]