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Álvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca a Spanish explorer who, after landing on the cape of Florida in 1528 and being stranded in the Gulf coast region for 8 years, published an account of his survival and interaction with the native peoples under the title "La relación" (1542) (b.1490?--d.1557?).
bullfight a ceremonial sport practiced esp. in Spain and Mexico in which banderilleros and picadors first goad and tire a specially bred bull, and then a matador with a cape and sword provokes the bull into charging him several times, and finally kills it.
C. abbreviation of "cape," a point of land jutting into a large body of water (used in a proper name).
Cape Horn a cape on an island that belongs to Chile, at the extreme southern end of South America.
Cape of Good Hope a cape on the Atlantic at the southern tip of Africa.
death (cap.) the personification of death, usu. in the form of a skeleton wearing a long, black, hooded cape and carrying a scythe. [1/5 definitions]
escudo the chief monetary unit of Cape Verde, equaling one hundred centavos. [1/3 definitions]
foreland a part of the land that juts out into the water; promontory; cape.
Maleia the southeastern promontory of the Peloponnesus, where, in Greek mythology, Odysseus was thrown off course; Cape Maleia.
mantelet a short sleeveless cloak or cape.
mantilla a short cape or sleeveless cloak. [1/2 definitions]
mayflower (cap.) the ship that in 1620 transported Pilgrims from Plymouth, England to the continent of North America at a point that is now Cape Cod in Massachusetts. [1/2 definitions]
muleta in bullfighting, a short red cape used by a matador to guide the bull just before the kill.
pelisse an outer garment, such as a cape, that is lined or trimmed with fur. [1/2 definitions]
poncho a similarly shaped cape, usu. of waterproof material, worn as a raincoat. [1/2 definitions]
Praia the capital of Cape Verde.
Provincetown a U.S. town at the tip of Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts where English settlers called the Pilgrims first landed in 1620 before sailing to and settling at Plymouth.
veronica2 a bullfighting maneuver in which the matador stands still and slowly swings an open cape in front of the charging bull.
Xhosa a member of one of the Bantu peoples living mainly in Cape Province, South Africa. [1/2 definitions]