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aim to point carefully (usu. a weapon), with the intention of hitting a target. [1/8 definitions]
calculated done or made after carefully estimating the likely result. [1/2 definitions]
check to look over in order to verify correctness; examine carefully. [1/19 definitions]
closely carefully and with attention. [1/3 definitions]
cogitate to think over something carefully or at length. [1/2 definitions]
consider to think about carefully; reflect on. [2/7 definitions]
decant to pour (wine or other liquid) carefully, so as not to stir up sediment. [1/2 definitions]
deliberate thought out in advance; carefully considered; premeditated. [3/5 definitions]
deliberation the act of carefully thinking about a matter in order to make a decision; the act of deliberating. [1/3 definitions]
ease to carefully and slowly move. [2/11 definitions]
evaluate to study carefully and judge; assess. [1/2 definitions]
explore to examine carefully and systematically. [2/4 definitions]
go through to look at and consider (each one of many things), usually carefully and methodically, sometimes in search of something. [1/7 definitions]
hacker a computer user who is able to penetrate carefully protected computer networks, such as those of a government. [1/2 definitions]
hear to listen carefully and absorb the full meaning of. [1/7 definitions]
hearken to listen carefully; pay attention.
inspect to look at very carefully, esp. to assess any damage or imperfection. [1/2 definitions]
jealous carefully watchful; vigilant. [1/5 definitions]
keep tabs on (informal) to keep under close scrutiny; watch or observe carefully.
keep track to carefully record the movements or progress of something (usu. fol. by "of").
logic ability to think carefully, weigh the facts, and come to rational conclusions. [1/6 definitions]