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axletree an axle upon which the wheels of a cart or animal-powered vehicle turn.
cariole a light, covered cart. [1/2 definitions]
cart to transport in, or as though in, a cart. [2/6 definitions]
cartage the conveyance of goods by cart. [2 definitions]
cartload the capacity or contents of a cart.
cartwheel the wheel of a cart. [1/2 definitions]
dogcart a small cart drawn by one or more dogs. [1/2 definitions]
dolly a low cart or platform with small wheels, used for moving heavy objects, such as television or motion picture cameras, or for maneuvering in low spaces, as under automobiles. [1/6 definitions]
dray a low but sturdy cart with removable sides that is used for moving bulky or heavy objects. [2/3 definitions]
fifth wheel a coupling structure, consisting of two rotating disks placed on the front axle of a cart or carriage, that supports the body while allowing it to turn, or a similar structure that acts as a coupling between the cab and trailer on a tractor-trailer. [1/2 definitions]
handcart a small, often two-wheeled cart drawn or pushed by hand.
harness a set of connected straps and other parts by which a wheeled vehicle, such as a cart or carriage, is attached to a draft animal and by means of which the animal is guided and controlled. [1/5 definitions]
kart a small, lightweight, gas-powered, four-wheeled vehicle used for racing or recreation; go-cart.
pushcart a cart with wheels, used esp. by merchants who sell their goods on the street.
tea wagon a small wheeled table for serving tea; tea cart.
trace2 one of two ropes, chains, or straps used to harness a draft animal to a cart, carriage, or the like.
trolley a small four-wheeled cart or wagon on rails, used in a mine or factory. [3/7 definitions]
tumbrel a two-wheeled dump cart, esp. one used by farmers to carry dung. [2 definitions]
wagon a small, rectangular open cart with four wheels and a handle, used as a child's toy. [1/6 definitions]
wain a cart or wagon used on a farm.