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blank a gun cartridge without a bullet. [1/12 definitions]
chamber the compartment of a gun or other firearm that holds the cartridge or shell. [1/6 definitions]
clip2 a device holding several bullets that is inserted into a gun; cartridge clip. [1/5 definitions]
clip-fed of certain repeating firearms, loaded automatically from a cartridge clip.
compact cassette a type of magnetic-tape cartridge, first released in 1963, that is used for audio recording and playback.
eight-track tape a magnetic-tape cartridge with four pairs of stereo tracks of prerecorded sound, popular in the United States from the mid-sixties to the early eighties.
forty-five a forty-five caliber pistol or revolver, or a cartridge of .45 inches in diameter to be used in such a gun. [2/3 definitions]
fountain pen a pen in which ink is drawn into a pointed nib at one end from a reservoir or cartridge inside.
magnum of, pertaining to, or designating a cartridge with extra explosive force. [1/3 definitions]
rimfire indicating a cartridge with the primer set in a rim around the base.
semiautomatic of firearms, not requiring manual reloading until after the cartridge is spent. [1/2 definitions]
shot1 a lead pellet that is used with others to form the charge of a shotgun cartridge, or such pellets collectively. [1/10 definitions]