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Angora any of various animals that have long silky hair, such as a cat, rabbit, or goat. [1/4 definitions]
blue point a variety of Siamese cat with a pale body and dark bluish gray points.
cat1 any of the larger wild animals related to the domestic cat, such as the tiger, lion, or bobcat. [1/4 definitions]
catbird a dark gray North American songbird having one call that sounds like the mewing of a cat.
caterwaul to make the long, wailing or screeching sounds of a cat in heat. [2/3 definitions]
cattish resembling a cat; feline. [1/2 definitions]
cheetah a very swift, long-legged, leopardlike cat of Africa, sometimes trained for hunting game.
Cheshire cat in the nineteenth-century children's novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, a grinning cat that magically disappears, his grin being the last to fade away.
civet the civet cat. [3 definitions]
cougar a large tan wild cat of North and South America; mountain lion; puma.
feline resembling a cat in some characteristic, esp. grace or stealth of movement. [2/3 definitions]
fur the soft thick hair that covers the bodies of certain animals, such as the cat, rabbit, mink, or fox. [1/5 definitions]
grimalkin a cat, esp. an old female cat. [1/2 definitions]
Himalayan any of a breed of domestic cat, bred by crossing Siamese and Persian cats, that has blue eyes and long, light-colored fur except on the face, ears, feet, and tail, which are dark. [1/3 definitions]
jaguar a large wild cat, resembling but larger than a leopard, that is native to Central and South America.
jaguarondi a small wild cat of South America with a long slender body and tail.
kitten a cat that is not yet full-grown. [1/2 definitions]
kitty1 a kitten or cat.
korat any of a breed of cat having a shiny bluish coat and large greenish eyes.
leopard a large, spotted wild cat found in southern Asia and Africa. [1/2 definitions]
lion a large carnivorous member of the cat family, native to Africa and parts of Asia, that has a short tan coat and, in the male, a heavy mane. [2/3 definitions]