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acolyte a person who assists a clergyman in religious services, esp. Roman Catholic. [1/2 definitions]
Agnus Dei a prayer in the Roman Catholic or Anglican church beginning with these words, or the accompanying music. [1/2 definitions]
anointing of the sick a Catholic sacrament in which a priest anoints a person who is in danger of imminent death, while praying for recovery and remission of sins; last rites.
anti-Catholic combined form of Catholic.
apocrypha (cap.) a group of fourteen books of the Old Testament that are rejected by Judaism, and considered by Protestants as uncanonical, eleven of which are accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. [1/2 definitions]
apostolate the office, duties, mission, or term of activity of an apostle, or, esp., of the pope as head of the Apostolic See in the Roman Catholic Church.
archdeacon a title of honor given in the Roman Catholic Church to a member of a cathedral chapter. [1/2 definitions]
assumption (cap.) in the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and certain other Christian churches, the feast day that commemorates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Assumption is celebrated on August 15. [1/5 definitions]
Ave Maria this prayer itself, used in the Roman Catholic church. [1/2 definitions]
basilica a Roman Catholic church bestowed by the Pope with certain ceremonial rights. [1/2 definitions]
beatification in the Roman Catholic Church, the process of determining whether a deceased person should be declared to be in heaven and therefore deserving of special honor, or the final decision and declaration that this is so. [1/2 definitions]
beatify in the Roman Catholic Church, to proclaim (a deceased person) blessed in heaven and deserving of a ceremony of honor. [1/3 definitions]
Beguine a member of a lay Roman Catholic sisterhood of the Netherlands, first established in the twelfth century, that allowed women to keep their private property and revoke their vows whenever they wished.
Benedictine a member of a Roman Catholic order of monks or nuns following the rule of St. Benedict. [1/2 definitions]
benediction (usu. cap.) a service of the Roman Catholic Church, made up of prayers, hymnsinging, and a blessing. [1/2 definitions]
biretta in the Roman Catholic and some Anglican churches, a stiff, square cap with three or four raised ridges, worn by clergymen and varying in color according to their rank.
breviary in the Roman Catholic Church, a book containing the hymns and prayers necessary for the daily devotions of the clergy.
canon2 a member of one of certain Roman Catholic orders. [1/2 definitions]
canonize in the Roman Catholic Church, to declare (someone) a saint. [1/3 definitions]
capuchin (cap.) a Roman Catholic monk belonging to a branch of the Franciscan order whose members observe strict vows of poverty and austerity. [1/3 definitions]
cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, an official appointed by the pope and second in rank to him. [1/4 definitions]