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biting sarcastic; caustic. [1/3 definitions]
calcium oxide a soft white caustic powder used in the treatment of waste, as an industrial alkali, and in the manufacture of steel, glass, plaster, and insecticides; lime; quicklime.
caustic a caustic substance. [1/3 definitions]
cautery something, such as a caustic agent or a very hot or very cold instrument, used to burn or sear and thus to destroy unwanted tissue. [1/2 definitions]
cresol any of three caustic, poisonous compounds used in making disinfectants, dyes, and other products.
cyanamide a caustic, white, unstable compound prepared by the reaction of calcium cyanamide with sulfuric acid and used in chemical production.
formic acid a colorless, caustic organic acid, naturally emitted by ants, nettles, spiders, and the like as a stinging defense, and synthetically produced for use in a variety of industrial processes.
mordant caustic or corrosive. [2/5 definitions]
plissť a puckered, crinkled texture in cotton or nylon that is created by treating the fabric with a caustic soda solution. [1/2 definitions]
potassium hydroxide a caustic white deliquescent solid or crystalline salt used in the making of soaps, liquid detergents, and glass.
pungent biting or caustic; penetrating. [1/3 definitions]
sharp harsh and hurtful; caustic. [1/16 definitions]
sodium hydroxide a strongly caustic solid, used in petroleum refining and the manufacture of rayon, film, and soap; caustic soda.