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caltrop a metal device with four sharp spikes set so that one of them always points upward, used to injure or hinder cavalry horses or vehicles with pneumatic tires. [1/2 definitions]
carbine a light rifle with a short barrel, formerly carried by cavalry soldiers.
chasseur in the French army, a member of the light infantry or light cavalry, specially trained for rapid maneuvering. [1/3 definitions]
crowfoot an iron ball with four projecting spikes, designed to obstruct the advance of enemy cavalry and vehicles; caltrop. [1/2 definitions]
cuirassier a cavalry soldier who wears a cuirass.
horse a mounted military troop; cavalry. [1/10 definitions]
hussar a member of any of various European cavalry regiments.
roughrider (cap.) a member of a volunteer cavalry regiment organized by Theodore Roosevelt and Leonard Wood in the Spanish-American War. [1/2 definitions]
Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President of the United States (1901-1909), who had earlier fought in the Spanish American War in a cavalry regiment of his own formation called the Rough Riders. As president, Roosevelt worked to reform big business, show America's power to the world, create the Panama Canal, and to protect much of America's wilderness (b.1858--d.1919).
trooper a mounted cavalry soldier. [1/2 definitions]