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archdeacon a title of honor given in the Roman Catholic Church to a member of a cathedral chapter. [1/2 definitions]
canon2 a member of the chapter of priests serving in a cathedral or a collegiate church. [1/2 definitions]
ch. abbreviation of "chapter," one of the main sections of a book, usu. marked with a number or title.
collegiate church a Catholic or Anglican church that has no bishop's see but is presided over by a vice provost or dean and served by a chapter of canons. [1/2 definitions]
epigraph a pertinent quotation or motto, esp. found at the beginning of a literary work or of a chapter. [1/2 definitions]
footnote a note at the foot of a page or the end of a chapter that provides a comment or reference on the above or foregoing text. [1/4 definitions]
headpiece in printing, a decoration, as at the beginning of a chapter. [1/3 definitions]
local a local chapter of a trade union. [1/7 definitions]
postlude a final or concluding section or short chapter, as of a book. [1/3 definitions]
start out to begin an important chapter of one's life, esp. one's adult career or marriage. [1/5 definitions]
subchapter combined form of chapter.
tailpiece a small printed design placed at the end of a chapter or the bottom of a page. [1/3 definitions]
vignette a decorative design or illustration at the beginning or end of a chapter or book, or on the border of a page. [1/5 definitions]