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cheek anything resembling a human cheek in its form or placement. [1/3 definitions]
gopher a short-tailed burrowing rodent of North and Central America that has external cheek pouches; pocket gopher. [1/2 definitions]
ground squirrel any of various burrowing rodents, such as chipmunks, that differ from true squirrels in having cheek pouches and shorter fur.
hamster any of several short-tailed, round-bodied Eurasian rodents that have large cheek pouches, often kept as pets or laboratory animals.
jowl1 a cheek. [1/2 definitions]
kissing cousin (informal) a distant relative who is known well enough to be greeted with a kiss on the cheek. [1/2 definitions]
macaque any of a family of monkeys of the East Indies, Asia, and Africa that have cheek pouches and tails that are not prehensile, such as the rhesus monkey.
pocket mouse any of various small, nocturnal desert-dwelling North American rodents that have fur-lined cheek pouches.
snaffle a horse's bit that has two bars with a center joint, and rings on either end to which the cheek strap and rein are secured. [1/2 definitions]