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bishop in the game of chess, a piece that can be moved diagonally across any number of unoccupied squares of the same color. [1/2 definitions]
board game any game, such as chess or backgammon, in which pieces are moved on a specially marked board.
castle one of two playing pieces in chess that may be moved forward, backward, or sideways over any unobstructed squares; rook. [3/6 definitions]
cheat an annual brome grass, originally native to Europe but now a weed in wheat-growing regions worldwide; chess. [1/11 definitions]
check in chess, the situation in which a king is at risk of being captured by an opponent's piece. [4/19 definitions]
checkerboard a surface marked into eight rows and columns of squares of two alternating colors, usu. red and black, and used as a game board for checkers or chess. [1/3 definitions]
checkmate in the game of chess, a winning maneuver in which the opponent's king piece is brought under direct attack and from which escape is not possible. [2/3 definitions]
chessboard a checkerboard used for playing chess.
chessman any one of the pieces used in playing chess.
gambit in chess, a tactic of sacrificing a pawn or other piece in order to gain an advantage. [1/3 definitions]
Grand Master (often l.c.) an international chess champion. [1/2 definitions]
king the principal piece in the game of chess, the capturing of which decides the winner. [1/4 definitions]
knight a chess piece in the shape of a horse's head. [1/5 definitions]
mate2 in chess, the placing of a king in a check from which there is no escape; checkmate. [3 definitions]
move in chess, checkers, and other board games, the act of making a play. [1/15 definitions]
opening a beginning, as of a book or chess game. [1/6 definitions]
pawn2 one of the eight chess pieces of lowest value, placed in the front rank at the beginning of a game. [1/2 definitions]
piece one of the small objects used in playing board games such as chess; counter. [1/10 definitions]
rook2 a chess piece that can move over any number of empty squares sideways or forward and backward; castle.
square any of the spaces on a chess or checker board. [1/24 definitions]
stalemate a position in chess leading to a tie game that comes about when a player is unable to make a legal move. [1/4 definitions]