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antistrophe in ancient Greek poetry or theater, the return movement made by the chorus in response to the previous strophe. (Cf. strophe.) [1/2 definitions]
burden2 the repeated chorus of a song; refrain. [1/2 definitions]
cantata a musical composition for chorus, soloists, and instruments, based on a sacred text, poem, or play, and similar to but shorter than an oratorio.
choral having to do with a chorus or choir. [2/3 definitions]
chorale a choir or chorus. [1/2 definitions]
choric of, concerning, or in the manner of a chorus, esp. that of an ancient Greek play.
chorus to sing or say in chorus. [1/6 definitions]
chorus girl a young woman who dances and sometimes sings in the chorus of a musical comedy, variety show, or the like.
doo-wop a singing style most popular in the 1950s, characterized by a lead singer performing with a chorus singing nonsense syllables, either with or without instrumental accompaniment.
ode in classical poetry, a composition to be sung by a chorus. [1/2 definitions]
showgirl a chorus girl or similar entertainer, often elaborately costumed, who appears in a nightclub act or similar performance for primarily decorative purposes.
strophe the movement from right to left of the chorus in classical Greek drama, or the part of the choral ode sung during this movement. (Cf. antistrophe.) [1/2 definitions]