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bivalve a mollusk with two shells hinged together, such as a mussel, oyster, or clam. [1/3 definitions]
cherrystone the edible quahog clam when it is partly grown and still fairly small.
clamshell the shell of a clam. [1/2 definitions]
half shell either of the two shells of a bivalve mollusk such as an oyster or clam, often used as a serving container for raw or cooked seafood.
hard-shell an edible clam or crab having a hard shell. [1/3 definitions]
hinge a part of a living organism that functions similarly, such as an elbow or the part that connects the two halves of a clam shell. [1/5 definitions]
pismo clam an edible, heavy-shelled marine clam found on sandy beaches along the coasts of southern California and Mexico.
quahog a variety of edible clam found along the eastern coast of North America.
shellfish an aquatic invertebrate animal that has a shell, esp. an edible animal such as a clam, oyster, or lobster.
steamer a type of clam that is cooked by steaming. [1/3 definitions]